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With so many vibrators on the market—and all at different price points and with different bells and whistles—deciding which sex toy to buy can be a little intimidating. To take the guesswork out of it—and to make sure you're getting the best bang (wink, wink) for your buck—we asked a group of sexperts, like shop owners and educators, which vibrators they actually use. Below, our panel of esteemed judges, and ahead, their recommendations.

founder Amy Boyajian, writer and Arielle Egozi, co-founder , CEO Polly Rodriguez, 's sexpert Jess Wilde, ' staff sexologist Carol Queen, cofounder and creator of the original Suki Dunham, Astroglide's resident sexologist , sex toy blogger Felicity of , certified sex therapist and Director of Sexual Wellness for Dr. Holly Richmond, sex expert and writer , Kimberly Faubel of , President and CEO Angela Wells, and sexpert .

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LoveLife Toys
Best Couples' Play Vibrator

Lovelife Share Couples Vibrator, $79

"For any couple who wants to start with a product that is small and simple, this is the perfect item. The vibrator has seven vibration patterns, and its discreet look that will make each person more comfortable introducing toys into their bedroom." —Suki Dunham

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Ella Paradis
The One That Packs Power in a Small Package

FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet, $49

"I tell my clients the FemmeFun Ultra Bullet packs the most bang for the buck and size. It looks like a tiny purple flashlight with a hot pink on/off button, and has 20 different powerful vibration modes. It's perfect for travel, especially if noise is a consideration as well. It’s whisper quiet, so vibe away no matter where you are." —Dr. Holly Richmond

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The Fancy One

The ZALO Queen, $179

"This unique toy comes packaged in a keepsake box and includes fine design features like a Swarovski crystal embellishment on the handle. It has a warm-up function as well as dual stimulation: wave vibrations and rumbly vibrations—both of which send pleasure sensations across the body, thanks to the fact that it curves up gently to stimulate the G-Spot. Use a few drops of with this one to take the wave vibrations to new heights." —Dr. Jess O’Reilly

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Le Wand
The Best Mini Magic Wand

Le Wand Petite, $130

"As a longtime Magic Wand devotee, I didn’t think another wand vibrator could live up to such magic. Le Wand Petite is a more compact version (think smaller head and handle) that is purse-sized and perfect for travel." —Charyn Pfeuffer

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Lovelife Toys
Best Discreet G-Spot Vibrator

Lovelife Cuddle Mini, $59

"A smaller version of the original, Lovelife Cuddle Mini is petite and discreet, with a soft design. It's our vibrator of choice when women come to us for suggestions on an introductory vibrator. Women LOVE this item, and we are constantly getting requests from people for it!" —S.D.

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The Best Palm-Sized Vibrator

The Pom, $95

"Dame Products’ latest creation, the Pom, sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and delivers five powerful patterns or the option to pick your intensity. This flexible vibe is a clitoral pleasure godsend." —C.P.

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Lovelife Toys
Best Vibrator App

Bluemotion NEX|1- 2ND Generation, $129

"This is our ever-popular blueMotion Nex|1 (2nd generation), which is now smaller, sleeker, has more powerful motor and is made with body-safe silicone. We simply can’t keep enough of these in stock, and we get letters from people around the world who thank us for making this vibrator." —S.D.

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Courtesy of Brands
This Bouncing Babe

Unbound Bean, $36

"At only $36, this powerful vibe is a steal, given all its features. Bean has 6 modes, is waterproof, and can be used for both targeted and broader stimulation. Like all our vibrators, it is made with medical grade silicone so even though it's more affordable, you're not compromising on using body-safe materials." —P.R.

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Lovelife Toys
Best Wearable Panty Vibrator

Club Vibe 3.OH Panty Vibe, $119

"As many know, we began by creating the music vibrator. Over the years we have worked to perfect these products and create new ones. Our new Club Vibe 3.OH is a discreet wearable panty vibrator designed to please—wherever the mood strikes. Quiet and lightweight, the slim-line vibe features three pleasure modes and a rechargeable, wireless remote control with a built-in microphone. Step up your game with your partner!" —S.D.

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B Vibe
The Best Anal Vibrator

Trio Triple-Vibe Remote-Control Butt Plug, $140

"If you’re new to anal play, this toy is a good mid-range, easily insertable size for testing the waters. It can be worn comfortably under clothes, and with its remote-control feature, is fun for pseudo-public sexy time." —C.P.

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The Best Lazy Day Vibrator

Lily 2, $140

"This is my go-to toy when I want a lazy orgasm. It requires very little activity, motion, or lube, and can even be used over underwear, if you're feeling REALLY lazy. It's very ergonomic and fits perfectly in your hand, so it's also an excellent choice for providing external clitoral stimulation during intercourse." —Dr. Zhana Vrangalova

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The Best Does-It-All Vibrator

Ina Wave, $199

"This is probably my favorite rabbit style vibrator out there. It's perfect for when you want dual internal and external clitoral stimulation, and the Wave part adds that up and down motion that hits the G-spot just right." —Z.V.

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Courtesy of Brands
The Pulsing One

Fun Factory Stronic Real Realistic Pulsator Thrusting Dildo, $199

"The Stronic Real makes me glad that I’m alive and have a vagina. It’s one of those rare sex toys that I feel the need to keep rigorously testing even after I know I’ve used it enough to write a detailed review. It’s a good thing the Stronics’ battery life is so long (I’ve found mine to last something like an hour and a half), because you may want to spend a while with this toy. I feel like I’m doing myself a disservice if I dedicate less than 45 minutes to the Stronic Real." —Felicity

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The Vibrator That Really Sucks (in a Good Way)

Sona Cruise, $179

"When receiving oral sex, some clit-owners prefer licking, others prefer sucking. If you're the latter (like myself), you're going to love the Sona Cruise! It provides that sucking motion experience, in the exact speed and pattern that you want." —Z.V.

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The Best Partner-Friendly Anal Vibrator

Hugo, $219

"I know this is marketed as a men's toy, and although not everyone has a prostate, everyone does have a butt, and vibration feels good to butts regardless of the whether there's a prostate in there. So I love using the Hugo as an anal massage toy for people of all genders. The design is such that it stays in comfortably while you do other sexual (or nonsexual) activities. If you're someone who likes to play with penis-owners, a great way to use the Hugo is to have your partner wear it while you're riding him!" —Z.V.

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Best 'Touch-Less' Vibrator

Satisfyer Pro Deluxe, $50

"Okay, this vibrator is a hero. I have the entire line of Satisfyer products—this company is that good—but I tend to go back to the Pro Deluxe because its simple and easy to hold, focuses on one thing (clitoral stimulation), and does it so well. It uses 'touch-less' technology, which means instead of vibrating on your skin, air pressure is sent around your clitoris in a way that's powerful and unlike any other vibrator you've tried. It will leave you wondering why you ever downloaded a dating app." —Arielle Egozi

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The Flexible One

Unbound Bender, $59

"I adore this toy, which was so obviously designed by women. This multi-speed, waterproof vibrator is like the totally sexy-hot version of Gumby. You can bend its pink, flexible body whichever way you choose (which is an extremely satisfying thing to do, separate from its intended use), making it ideal for G-spot, clitoral, or all-over stimulation. It lies pretty flat too, so it's discreet (in case you're not in the mood to show off the outline of your favorite sex toy in your bag." —A.E.

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Best Finger Vibrator

Dame Products Fin, $75

"This toy is just so elegant. Everything from the branding to the design is beautifully executed. Fin is small and unobtrusive: You put it on your fingers (or have your partner put it on his or hers) and it becomes an easy (and very fun) addition to partner or solo play. " —A.E.

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Best Bang for Your Buck

Noje G Slim, $40

"The Noje line by Blush is one of my favorites, and the G Slim is their newest toy. This affordable vibrator has a lot of power! Plus, its shape is ideal for G-spot stimulation or slipping between bodies during partnered sex for some clitoral pleasure. The only thing I’m unsure of about the Noje G Slim is which color I like best!" —Amy Boyajian

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Best Dual-Motor Rabbit

We-Vibe Nova, $145

"The Nova is an updated twist on the classic rabbit vibrator. There are two powerful motors on each arm, which can be controlled independently, and the external arm is super flexible to contour to the shape of your body. One of my favorite features is that you can control the vibrators and movement via an app on your smartphone, so no fumbling for buttons when you’re using it!" —A.B.

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Best Bathtime Companion

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, $70

"With the recent advancement of air pressure toys (toys that create suction around the clitoris to mimic oral sex), there has been an influx of this style of vibrator on the market. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is my favorite of the bunch by far. It combines this new technology with classic vibrations to deliver a variety of different sensations with varying intensities. Plus, it’s waterproof so can accompany you in the shower or bath tub! " —A.B.

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The Women's Favorite

Dame Products Eva, $84

"Eva is the lovechild of the dynamic, badass—ahem, female—duo behind Dame Products. Take note that this is the *first* hands-free, strap-free, non-intrusive couples vibrator. To which we say, 'LOOK MA! NO HANDS!' Eva is made of the smoothest silicone, with flexible wings that fit snugly under a woman's labia majora, making it possible to experience clitoral stimulation during sex or while playing solo." —Polly Rodriguez

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The Mini Wand

Broad City Dr. Wiz Mini Wand Vibrator, $70

"If you’re looking for something discreet, a mini-wand is a great option. The Broad City Dr. Wiz Rechargeable Mini Wand Vibrator is sure to hit the spot quietly yet powerfully–it’s waterproof too!" —Jess Wilde

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The Deluxe Rabbit

Desire Luxury Rabbit Vibrator, $85

"Desire’s Luxury Rabbit Vibrator comes with eight patterns of waves and pulses and twelve levels of adjustable intensity for ultimate pleasure. The shaft is made from a velvety smooth, luxury silicone that many first-time buyers find suits them." —J.W.

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Best for First Timers

The Minna Limon, $99

"This the perfect first vibrator. About 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, so it's great to start off with a vibe that focuses on just that. The Minna Limon also includes a brilliant squeezable interface—the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations get. On top of that, for a small toy, it harbors an unprecedented degree of strength. Since every body is different, it features customizable memory to allow a completely personalized experience." —P.R.

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Best G-Spot Vibe

Je Joue G-Kii, $119

"Oh, trust us—you need this one in your bag of tricks. This beautifully made, adjustable vibe can serve either as a straightforward vibe or, with the touch of a button, curve to hug every woman's unique shape to best stimulate the g-spot and clitoris. Use it in a rocking motion and take advantage of its unique range of crescendoing vibration patterns to build slowly to an orgasm."—P.R.

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Womanizer Deluxe, $219

"Yes, the name is totally cringeworthy, but this waterproof toy is designed to provide touchless stimulation of the clitoris using pulsating pleasure waves that feel both gentle and powerful. There's really nothing else like it. The interchangeable suction heads are made of soft, hygienic silicone and you can easily switch between 8 levels of intensity. Studies showed that women using this vibrator were able to achieve orgasm, on average, in less than 2 minutes." —P. R.

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The Double Header

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Vibrator, $90

“Look out for dual motors in a vibrator—it means double the pleasure. Many of our customers note that the blended orgasm is achievable with simultaneous G-spot and clitoral orgasms. The Greedy Girl is Lovehoney's worldwide best seller." —J.W.

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The Couple's Favorite

We-Vibe Sync, $130

"Our most popular couple's vibe keeps getting better and better. The latest innovation of the C-shaped vibrator that can be worn during sex is more flexible, powerful, and can be operated with an app that also works remotely. That means your partner can control your vibrator even when you're far apart." —Claire Cavanah

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The Prettiest

Crave Bullet, $99

"This is a classic shape for an external vibe done up in shiny silver or gold. The metal casing makes for a strong vibration and a classy experience." —C.C.

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