Strong Women

Trolling isn't just annoying—it's dangerous.

It's not just annoying—it's dangerous.

The Truth About French Women and Aging
In France, the pressure to stay young makes aging anything but grace…
The Abuse Epidemic Hiding in Idyllic French Towns
Every three days In France, a woman is killed by her husband or ex-h…
La Maison des Femmes

In France, a woman becomes a victim of rape every seven minutes

24 Chic Feminist Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

Step one to reclaiming your power: Own it.

10 Feminist T-Shirts to Make Your Uniform Now and Forever

Wear for two business weeks straight, wash, and repeat.

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How to Act Like the Most Powerful Girl in the Room

Steepling yes. Stacking no. And other non-verbal cues that anyone can master.

The Real Secret Behind Successful Women

Ten women give thanks to the women who supported them on the way up.

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