Meghan Markle's Dad Is Studying Up on Britain Ahead of Her Marriage


On May 19, Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry and become a member of the British royal family. Meghan is American, as are her parents. As such, her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., is adorably studying, presumably to better understand his future in-laws.

The 73-year-old was spotted at a Starbucks in Rosarito, Mexico on March 27, reading . Here's hoping he pulls out some of those factoids to impress Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Philip at the royal wedding.

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According to , Thomas will be at the ceremony to walk Markle down the aisle.

“Thomas [Senior] is overjoyed to be beside his little girl on the day she becomes a princess—even if he has to battle his demons to get there," a source said. “He’s not exactly thrilled at facing the world’s glare. He lives a reclusive life in Mexico. But nothing will stop him from having Meghan on his arm for the big day."

Aww-dorable, Thomas.

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