The Latest Hint That Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Engagement Is Very Imminent

London bookies have stopped taking bets.

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Rumors have been flying for months now that Prince Harry was preparing to pop the question to Meghan Markle. Even though declining to comment on Harry's love life, there's mounting evidence that an engagement announcement is on the horizon.

The latest hint? As of Wednesday, London bookies have stopped taking bets on when the couple will officially announce their engagement, which is considered to be imminent, reports.

"The rumor mill is going into overdrive and it looks like the worst kept secret is to be confirmed imminently," Jessica Bridge, from Ladbrokes, told . "It’s long been a case of when and not if Harry and Meghan announce they are engaged, and all bets are off for a 2018 wedding."

This doesn't mean there aren't still things to bet on about Harry and Meghan's relationship, if that's something you're really desperate to do. According to People, you can still place bets on whether Harry will shave his beard for the wedding and where the wedding will take place.

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