Money & Career

Class of 2019, Welcome to Generation Broke

The class of 2019 is the last of millennials to graduate college, and they have a challenging financial future in front of them. But millennials will also be the ones to solve these systemic problems.

The Shocking Reason Sunny Hostin Ended Up On TV
As a child, Sunny Hostin witnessed a violent crime against her uncle…
Beautiful Businesswoman Working At The Office
How to Ask for a Promotion at Work

Career coach Liz Bentley outlines the three steps to getting ahead.

These Female Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World

As Queen Bey says: “Who run the world? Girls.”

How to Start Your Dream Company
Last year, women launched 1,821 new businesses every day—yet, starti…
Melinda Gates Sounds the Call for Gender Equality in Her New Book, 'The Moment of Lift'

"This could be our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take meaningful action."

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These Are the Women to Watch in the CBD Industry

From doctors and scientists to venture capitalists and marketing pros, these are the women shaping the world of CBD.

Talking With Tina Brown on 10 Years of Women in the World

"We have to remember what's happening in other places."

Bumble Mag
What You Should Know About Bumble's New Magazine

(Hint: It’s about way more than dating.)

UK, London, businesswoman in underground train looking at cell phone
Advice for Navigating Social Media and Work
Our virtual presence and identity has become as prominent and, in many ways, as important, as our physical one. So understanding the ch…
Tracy Oliver Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Her First Wives Club Reboot

After major success with Girls Trip, the filmmaker is using her platform to tell classic stories in fresh (and hilarious) ways.

The Founders of theSkimm Launch Their Debut Book: 'How to Skimm Your Life'

Could've used this handy guide like a hundred times already.

Barack Obama Presidential Campaign
Valerie Jarrett on First Meeting the Obamas, Voter Suppression, and Beto O’Rourke

In her book Finding My Voice, the Obama Foundation adviser takes us on her journey to the White House.

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L'Oréal Award–Winning Mathematician Ingrid Daubechies Wants You to Pursue a Career in STEM

"It's sad that we are missing out on the balance of smart young women."

Alyssa Mastromonaco Explores Her Non-Decision to Not Have Kids
In her new book, So Here's the Thing, the former deputy chief of staff to President Obama writes candidly about the pressures women fac…
These Six Women Are Shaping the Future Of Silicon Valley

Former Twitter colleagues are building #Angels and helping other women get in on Silicon Valley’s billions.

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Women Need to Think About Investing Differently Than Men

We live longer and earn less, on average. That changes how we need to save.

Dee Poku Spalding Is on a Mission to Get Funding Into the Hands of Black Female Entrepreneurs

She recently kicked off her Black Women Raise initiative.

Marie Claire host's a Power Breakfast at The Dell Den with the cast of Before You Know It USA - 27 Jan 2019
Judith Light Thinks We Need More 'Who's the Boss' in 2019

The actress and national treasure spoke with her fellow 'Before You Know It' cast mates during a panel at the Dell Den at Sundance.

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