Marriage and #MeToo
For many married women, the expectations of monogamous sex are at od…
11 Great, Body-Safe Sex Toys Under $100

This summer, why not build up your collection?

LGBTQ Youth: You Don't Have to Define Yourself
The characters in Camille Perri's latest novel, When Katie Met Cassi…

From real women's fascinating sex stories to the best sex advice you've never heard.

4 Feminist Porn Movies the White House Should Make an Exception For

The President reportedly can't watch porn. But what if it's educational?

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Why Can't I Have an Orgasm?

Women experience sexual performance anxiety too—here's why.

Meghan Markle
5 Insane Stories of Family Drama Ruining Weddings

Because the Markles aren’t the only ones going through it.

16 Unconventional Summer Date Ideas

Including a few that don't even require leaving the air-conditioning.

Facebook Is Coming Out With a Dating App

A dating app "not just for hookups.”

6 Tips for Amazing Sex During Pregnancy

Great sex is a pregnant woman’s birth-right.

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Breaking: Who Does the Dishes Could Save You and Your Husband From Divorce
New research shows men and women have distinct preferences when it comes to household labor—and that can impact relationship happ…
I've Been Stealthed—but Was It Sexual Assault?

I think so, and I’m not alone.

Behold: A Sex Playlist That Won't Make You Cringe

Get in your (erogenous) zone with these female-dominated tracks.

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50 Unconventional First-Date Ideas

Skip the traditional dinner and a movie for something a little more original.

Marriage Isn't for Black Women
The system disadvantages African Americans so severely that tying your life to another person legally can make matters worse, not bette…
10 Totally Free Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Because it's the thought that counts anyways.

The 18 Most Popular Vibrators, Reviewed by Experts

"I'm feelin' myself, feelin' myself, feelin' my..."

I Cheated on My Boyfriend with My Rapist

By seducing my assaulter, I was reclaiming the control I’d lost over my body and identity.

Why I Didn't "Just Leave"

Wondering why women don't just walk away from uncomfortable sexual situations? Here's the answer.

14 Better Ways to Break the Ice on Dating Apps

These unique, thought-provoking questions get a genuine conversation going.

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