Stormy Daniels Amends Trump Lawsuit to Include Defamation

Following her interview on '60 Minutes', Daniels was served with a cease-and-desist letter.

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Stormy Daniels' interview on 60 Minutes didn't provide many new revelations, but it still managed to anger Donald Trump's lawyer. And as a result, she's updated her lawsuit against the president to reflect the additional threats she's receiving.

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, Daniels was served with a cease-and-desist letter after her interview aired, claiming that she made "false and defamatory statements" on air. Michael Cohen—Trump's attorney who paid Daniels approximately $130,000 in hush money, just 11 days —had his own attorney serve Daniels with the cease-and-desist letter.

Last night, that she's revised her own lawsuit, so as to sue Cohen for defamation, for his continued claims that her stories about Trump aren't true. Daniels' amended lawsuit reads ():

"Both on its face, and because of the facts and circumstances known to persons who read or heard the statement, it was reasonably understood Mr. Cohen meant to convey that Ms. Clifford is a liar, someone who should not be trusted, and that her claims about her relationship with Mr. Trump is "something [that] isn’t true." Mr. Cohen’s statement exposed Mr. Clifford to hatred, contempt, ridicule, and shame, and discouraged others from associating or dealing with her."

, Daniels' key point in her updated lawsuit "specifically points to a statement Cohen made last month: 'Just because something isn't true doesn't mean that it can't cause you harm or damage.'"

Daniels isn't backing down, and her updated lawsuit proves that she refuses to be intimidated by Cohen or his attorney.

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