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A 'New Yorker' Report Claims a Tabloid Helped Cover Up a Trump Affair Story

A former Playboy model said she sold her story, but it was never published.

Obama Has Tweeted About Guns 52 Times—Trump, Just 4

One of those times was about Snoop Dogg.

Donald Trump Is Blaming Classmates for Not Reporting Nikolas Cruz to the Authorities Sooner

"Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem."

Who Are the Branch Davidians?

What you need to know about the religious sect at the heart of the Waco siege.

Hope Hicks
5 Fascinating Facts About Hope Hicks, Trump’s Communications Director

She deals with the press, but stays firmly out of the spotlight.

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Donald Trump Brags About Aflac Commercial Starring Melania with Webbed Feet

Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, the commercial is online.

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Melania Trump
Melania Trump Reportedly Took a $64,000 Trip to Mar-a-Lago Last Week

She went there instead of to Davos with her husband.

Here's What the Government Shutdown Means for You

Congress is still getting paid, but you might not be.

The 6 Biggest Revelations from Stormy Daniels’ Trump Interview

InTouch has released a transcript of the porn star's 2011 interview and it is *full* of gems.

All the White House Women You Haven't Heard Of
One year ago this weekend, hundreds of thousands of women marched down the streets of D.C. to the White House. Since then, these women …
The Woman Behind the Lens: Meet White House Photographer Shealah Craighead
One year into Donald Trump's presidency, his photographer reflects on her journey to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—and what she hopes …
Where Are They Now? Checking In on the 12 White House Staffers Who've Already Left
Many in President Donald Trump's inner circle were shown the door this past year (several before they'd even had time to unpack). Here'…
Every Single Change the Trumps Have Made to the White House

The First Family has already left its mark on American policy—and the house it's formed in.

Same House, New Rules: A Look Back at the Past Year in America's Most Iconic Home
Almost one year ago today, Donald J. Trump moved into the White House, and it—literally and figuratively—will never be the …
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