image How to Impact the Midterms, Even If You Don’t Live in a Swing State

Your district (or state) may be totally red or completely blue, but that doesn't mean you should sit this election cycle out. Here, easy ways you can make a difference this November 6.

image 7 Trans Rights Organizations You Can Support Right Now

The White House is trying to write trans people out of existence, literally.

image We Need to Talk About What's Happening In Georgia

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's probably trying to suppress your right to vote.

image Everything at Stake for the Environment in the Midterms

A guide to what's on the ballot to protect the planet and its residents, big and small.

Michigan Primary Governor, Detroit, USA - 07 Aug 2018 Why Every Woman Should Care About This Major Race in November

It all comes down to a law enacted in 1931.

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image "It Shouldn’t Be a Crime In This World to Speak Your Mind"

Jamal Khashoggi's editor Karen Attiah on the days since her columnist was apparently brutally murdered.

image Why Your Vote Is More Important This Year Than Ever Before

What you do in November could change the future of our country.

US-WEATHER-HURRICANE-AFTERMATH How You Can Help the Survivors of Hurricane Michael

Recovery could take years, but you can help right now.

Young Woman Whispering to Another Woman The Creator of the Shitty Media Men List Is Being Sued—and You Can Help Fund Her Legal Fees

The list became a key example of women's "whisper networks."

Kavanaugh Protest Here’s How You Can Still Help Protect Roe V. Wade

With Kavanaugh on the court, we have to act now to save abortion access.

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image Jamie Lee Curtis Had This to Say to Fox News After It Accused Her of Being a Hypocrite

Fox's headline read: "Jamie Lee Curtis wields firearms in new 'Halloween' movie despite advocating for gun control."

Brianna Wu I Ran for Congress. I Lost. I'm Persisting. Quitting Is Not an Option in the Trump Era.

Repairing the nation after 2016 was never going to be a quick fix.

image Yes, Running for Office Is Risky, But It's Worth It

There's never a good time to run, according to former senator Barbara Boxer and her daughter, Nicole.

image Exactly How to Support the Survivors In Your Life This Week

If you didn’t talk about Kavanaugh’s confirmation publicly, the survivors in your life probably noticed.

image The Guy Running for Governor in Georgia Once Denied Funding for a Rape Crisis Center

Women across America are gearing up for a fight this November.

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Mexico, Oaxaca, girl attending communion, rear view This New Charity Is Using Some of the Wedding Industry's $100 Billion to Fight Child Marriage

VOW is partnering with The Knot and Crate & Barrel on the initiative.

image How Sophia Bush Is Helping Lead the Resistance to Brett Kavanaugh

The 'One Tree Hill' star has become a major player in the movement.

image The Truth Behind The Wives of ISIS

Now that the Islamic State has lost its militant grip on Iraq, what will become of the women being punished for their husbands' crimes?

US-POLITICS-JUSTICE-PROTEST Thousands of Women Will March to Protest Brett Kavanaugh

Even if you're not in D.C., you can help.

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image Obama Just Endorsed These Impressive Women in the Midterms

One candidate shared a sweet throwback photo of herself with the ex-President.

image Women Do Lie About Sexual Assault—But Only to Themselves

It took me two years of therapy to even begin to think about it.

Alyssa Milano, Brett Kavanaugh Why This Photo of Alyssa Milano and Kavanaugh Is Going Viral Today

It's a throwback to Milano's 'Charmed' days.

Marijuana Leaf over yellow background If You Care About Weed, Here's What You Should Know About The Midterms

Legalization could be coming to even more states.

image The Christine Blasey Ford Quote That Will Stay With You

It reflected both her background in psychology and her trauma.

image 9 Powerful Quotes from Christine Blasey Ford's Hearing

“I’ve had to relive this trauma in front of the world.”

image People Everywhere Are Heartbroken Listening to Dr. Ford's Testimony

"Outside the hearing there are groups of women huddled over phones, streaming Dr. Ford’s testimony, crying."

image Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony—Here's Everything You Should Know

In case you've been (understandably) avoiding the news cycle.

image Stacey Abrams on Why Survivors Don't Report—And Why We Must Believe Them Anyway

The woman at the heart of Georgia's explosive gubernatorial race has strong words on the subject.

image Why You Need to Check You're Registered To Vote, Like Actually

I mean, voting is literally pushing a button to save the world.

image You’re Asking Why I Didn’t Report? Why Don’t You Ask Me Why I Regretted It When I Did?

Until Dr. Ford came forward, I had never talked about the first time I was sexually assaulted.

Female fist of golden color Why People All Over the Country Are Staging a Walkout Today

It's a symbolic gesture for survivors everywhere.

image Everything You Need to Know About the Midterm Elections

With a handful of historic elections set to happen across the country, your vote matters now more than ever.

Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing Senate Judiciary Committee TIME’S UP Issues Call to Postpone Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

“If this moment in time feels strangely familiar, it’s because it is.”

image Exactly How to Find a Candidate that Aligns With Your Values

A handy-dandy guide to figuring out who you want on your side.

image Workers at McDonald's Are Planning a #MeToo-Inspired Strike

Happening September 18, it's being called "the first multi-state strike specifically targeting sexual harassment."

Abortion doula in the south Getting an Abortion Can Be Lonely. These People Will Hold Your Hand.

These advocates, who work to ensure a woman's best interest is always kept at the forefront, have already seen the harm restricted abortion access can cause.

image Brett Kavanaugh Just Called Birth Control “Abortion-Inducing Drugs”

The statement is as troubling as it is factually incorrect.

TBS' "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee" For Your Consideration Event - Arrivals Samantha Bee's New App Wants to Give You Money and Get You to Vote

Players can win actual money while also, you know, engaging with their civic responsibility.

image Teaching In the Age of Mass Shootings

As a new school year begins, many teachers wonder: Is my classroom next?

image Judge Kavanaugh Allegedly Snubbed the Dad of a Parkland Victim During SCOTUS Hearing

"He pulled his hand back, turned his back to me and walked away," wrote Guttenberg on Twitter.

image Meghan McCain’s Eulogy for John McCain Is an Inspiring Criticism of the Trump Administration

“The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”

Memorial Service Held For Sen. John McCain At North Phoenix Baptist Church Joe Biden Just Gave an Incredibly Powerful Speech at John McCain’s Memorial

“My name is Joe Biden. I’m a Democrat. And I loved John McCain."

image Sex Work Is Almost Never a Choice

And the women who perform it deserve to be heard and believed.

Puerto Rico Faces Extensive Damage After Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico’s Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto Is Still Mad

After Hurricane Maria, the mayor went head-to-head with Trump. She's not backing down now.

image John McCain Is Dead at 81

"All that I am is thanks to him," wrote daughter Meghan.

image Constance Wu Is Taking It Upon Herself to Diversify Hollywood

The star of Crazy Rich Asians talks about being the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and growing up in "the capital of the Confederacy."

image How Immigration Shaped These Female Founders and CEOs

They tell their stories of creating success out of sheer will.