image "We Were Told This Would Never Happen Again. I Believed Them"

Salli Garrigan, a Columbine shooting survivor, didn't think her story mattered—until Parkland.

image "How I Won Millions of Dollars from TED to End Child Pornography"

Julie Cordua, CEO of Thorn, has spent the last year working on a plan to end child sexual abuse online. Last night she was given millions of dollars to do so.

image Pete Buttigieg's Husband Just Gave His First Major Interview

"This campaign is love and you are loved and you matter."

image Everybody Running for President In 2020

We're at close to two dozen candidates now.

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image What Will the Presidential Candidates Do About the Cost of Child Care Crushing American Families?

One contender—Elizabeth Warren—has proposed a bold universal child care plan.

image Is CBD Even Legal Where You Live? This State-By-State Guide Will Tell You

The laws are ever-evolving when it comes to CBD, so here's how to know whether it's allowed where you are right now.

image We Have to Acknowledge That CBD Use Is a Privilege

Though CBD (unlike THC) has been largely legalized, recent arrest numbers of black and brown people still reflect troubling policies.

image Pete Buttigieg's Husband Shared an Empowering Message About Coming Out

"You are not required to open healed wounds."

MCX110118_092 Alicia Glen: Show Women The Money

A former deputy mayor once in charge of the economic development of NYC sets her sights on empowering another powerhouse: women.

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Kamala Harris Attends Campaign Events In Las Vegas You've Probably Been Pronouncing Kamala Harris' Name Wrong

People have been getting it wrong for years (lookin' at you, Trump).

Conversations About America's Future: Mayor Pete Buttigieg - 2019 SXSW Conference and Festivals Pete Buttigieg Wants to Have a "Healthy National Debate" on Banning Assault Weapons

Here's exactly where the candidate stands on gun control.

image So Pete Buttigieg Speaks Seven Languages, No Biggie

Way to make me feel dumb, Pete.

Elise M. Stefanik Photoshoot, Cannon House Office Building, Washington, D.C., America - 13 Apr 2015 Elise Stefanik Is Going to Bring Women Back to the GOP

The pink wave wasn't very red.

image Alicia Garza: Women Are the New Face of Power

From marching to mobilizing to making policy, women are rising up.

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image Why Pete Buttigieg's Dad Was Also a Household Name In Their Community

He had a huge impact on his only son, now a 2020 candidate.

image The Kind of President "Mayor Pete" Would Be—In His Own Words

"I am not skilled enough or energetic enough to craft a persona. I just have to be who I am."

image If "Mayor Pete" Were Elected, We'd Have Our First Same-Sex "First Gentleman"

The couple live a low-key life, ft. adorable dogs.

image All The Questions You Had About That College Admissions Scandal, Answered

Breaking down everything you wondered about this wild case.

image Here's Where to Donate to Support the New Zealand Shooting Victims

49 people were killed and dozens more injured.

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