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<p>The potential health benefits of drinking green tea are almost countless. "The antioxidant EGCG has been studied to treat various diseases and may help with brain function, fat loss, and lowering the risk of cancer," says Snyder. "Polyphenols are another antioxidant plentiful in green tea and can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting our cells from aging and other diseases." Keep your sipping to one or two cups a day as green tea is high in caffeine, which is best consumed in moderation, says Snyder. As for which to buy: "It's great to use organic loose leaf tea or tea bags that contain loose leaves,&nbsp;which are higher quality and are less processed," she says,&nbsp;as opposed to tea 'dust.'</p>
5 Ways Green Tea is Going to Totally Change Your Beauty Routine

It's tea time.

The New Rules of Attraction: A Look at Modern Dating by the (Surprising) Numbers

How millennials are connecting, swiping and finding love.

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