Equal Pay Day Isn't a Holiday.

The pay gap for women of color is a chasm. This is a call to action.

The Fight is Female

The women leading the charge against Trump.

Donate Your Hillary Pantsuits for Progress

Where to donate that outfit you wore on Election Day.

The Lenny Interview: Amy Schumer

Plus that recent rape joke drama.

Read The First Story from Lena Dunham's New Book
A sneak peek of 'Best and Always', Dunham's first-ever book of short…
Meet the Woman Behind Apple's Icons

What it was like designing the "computer for the rest of us."

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Adventures of an Adult Thumb-Sucker

And the secret shame we all carry.

How Bobbi Brown Built Her Beauty Empire

Hint: lots of espresso and tequila.

Harvard campus
On Being Black and Uncomfortable at Harvard

A reflection on the importance of taking up space.

"Underneath, I'm Seething": Actress Casey Wilson on the Annoying Sexism of Anger

You, too, can throw tantrums.

What It's Like When Your Dad Is a Real-Life Don Draper

Turns out, it's not all scotch and cigars.

'Hart of Dixie's Creator on the Challenges of Showing Abortion on TV

"My eighth-grade Women's Issues club would have been so disappointed."

I Was Too Type-A to Realize I Was Sick Enough to Die

"If you'd waited one more day, you would be dead."

The Lenny Interview: Cheryl Dunye

The groundbreaking queer filmmaker on the anniversary of The Watermelon Woman.

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In Defense of the Emotional Haircut

Never begrudge a sense of control in a chaotic world.

Are Ultrasound Photos Affecting Abortion Rates?

The social impact of a Facebook feed full of sonogram images.

Why I Refuse to Get Botox

Actress Amanda Peet opens up about being afraid to look like a science project.

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Julianne Moore
When Gun Safety Got Personal for Me

We shouldn't have to live in fear of another Newtown. 

I'm Coming Clean About the Real-Life Gang Rape That Shaped My Novel

In my best-selling novel Luckiest Girl Alive, protagonist Ani FaNelli was assaulted at a party—and I was too.

Peaches on Abortion Rights, Boys' Clubs, and Why She May Not Come Back to the U.S.

Hint: It has to do with the 2016 election. 

Lena Dunham Will No Longer Allow Herself to Be Photoshopped: "I Bid Farewell to an Era When My Body...

In a new Lenny Letter essay, Dunham draws the line.

Being a Socially Responsible Shopper

A stylist's guide on how to become a more ethically conscious consumer. 

On Fixing Hollywood's Diversity Problem

SNL's Sasheer Zamata explores how we can make the #OscarsLessWhite.

Will Female Pro-Hockey Players Ever Get What They're Worth?

The National Women's Hockey League and their battle against the wage gap. 

Why Kesha's Case Is About More Than Kesha

Lena Dunham on not accepting shame and fear as the status quo.

Ma Jong

A writer reflects on her mother and the way fiction shaped their relationship.

You Don't Proofread Art

An interview with graphic designer and artist Paula Scher.

Emily Ratajkowski: Baby Woman

An actress reflects on growing up and the empowering impact of defining sexy on her own terms. 

Out of Print: The Fultz Quadruplets

Rediscovering the story of Mary Louise, Mary Ann, Mary Alice, and Mary Catherine.

Will the Supreme Court Let These Domestic Abusers Get Their Guns Back?

Unpacking the danger of convicted domestic abusers lobbying for their gun rights.

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