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How Heroin Came for Middle-Class Moms

Women have moved from popping prescription painkillers to shooting up street drugs. And they're dying because of it in staggering, skyrocketing numbers.

How to Manage Stress Like a Fighter Pilot
Our resident psychiatrist, Dr. Samantha Boardman, offers tips for wo…
Full black coffee in green cup close up top view
CBD Coffee Is Hella Trendy, But What Does It Do?

We consulted some experts to find out.

How to Handle Criticism
Our resident psychiatrist, Samantha Boardman, dishes out tips for de…
First Annual "If Only" Texas Hold'em Charity Poker Tournament
Why Kim Kardashian's Weight Loss Comments Are So Triggering

Khloe called her "anorexic"—and Kim took it as a compliment.

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ALERT: Leaving Your Birth Control Pills in Your Car Could Get You Pregnant

As could leaving them in the bathroom.... And all of these other places.

orilissa endometriosis treatment
The FDA Just Approved A New Treatment for Endometriosis

It's the first one in more than a decade.

Help, I'm Obsessed with Anthropologie's New Wellness Shop

Crystals and oil diffusers and journals and someone stop me.

The 18 Best Workout Apps for Lazy Girls

Easy fitness plans you can follow without leaving your apartment.

The Truth About IUDs

The IUD is the most effective contraceptive the world has ever seen. So why aren’t more women using it?

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It Took 7 Miscarriages, 10 IVF Cycles, 9 Years, and Nearly $200,000 to Solve My Fertility Issues

It involved a trip to Moscow and disregarding everything I'd been told by expensive U.S. and U.K. fertility doctors.

The New IHOP Logo Looks Like a Tampon Ad and People Are Into It

One chain’s PR flub is another company’s PR opportunity.

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How Kate Spade Got Me Through My Mental Health Struggles

The bags, jackets, and planners she designed saved me.

How to Not Be a People Pleaser

Our resident psychiatrist, Samantha Boardman, on the best way to deal with your need for approval.

Let Moona Whyte Explain "Body Dragging"

"Every girl experiences bikini malfunctions."

Fitness Boss Ally Love's Five Rules for a Stronger, Healthier Life

This Brooklyn Nets host is always on the move. Here's her secret.

How an Ocean Rescue Lifeguard Trains

For Alice Henley, ocean rescue is a full-time job (the distance running is just for fun).

How to Take Your Cardio Workout to New Heights

Fitness director Jen Ator puts some spring in her step.

How This Fitness Editor Breaks A Sweat Before Work

Short on time? This trendy workout can still get it all in.


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