Best Hair Products of 2018

The *Very Best* Shampoos for Oily, Greasy Hair

And not one of them will leave your hair feeling like straw.

Kate Middleton Swears by This $12 Hairspray

Please proceed to the nearest Walmart in an orderly fashion.

How to Get Silky, Shiny Hair Fast AF

Be prepared to look like a walking shampoo commercial.

This Is How Often People Actually Wash Their Hair

Y'all are making some interesting choices.

Foam Conditioner Is Here and It’s a Godsend for Your Fine Hair

"Holy mother of god" was an actual response to this product.

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The 5 Best (and Easiest) Temporary Hair Dyes for Commitment-Phobes

Highlights, pastel washes, and all-over color made super-freaking simple.

The 11 Insanely Good Hair and Skin Products Actress Antonia Thomas Swears By

The star of 'The Good Doctor' breaks down her entire beauty routine for us.

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Should You Get a Keratin Treatment? A Definitive Answer

The five pretty—and not so pretty—facts you need to know.

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