The Funniest, Foodiest Tweets About the Whole Foods Buyout

Did you know Whole Foods is expensive?

Whole Foods
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While the goings-on of the stock market might not be the most thrilling content for about 95% of the population, a sale went through today that got seemingly every food-eater on Earth (that is, all of us) talking. Amazon has bought out Whole Foods, the high-end chain grocery store, for a whopping $13.7 billion. The news brought out Twitter's biggest jokesters, who had plenty to say about how expensive Whole Foods is.

Amazon Buys at Whole Foods

— Daniel D'Addario (@DPD_)

right now there are about 10000 tweets with the same "alexa buy me something from whole foods" joke. good luck to whichever one wins

— leon (@leyawn)

Jeff Bezos: "Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods."

Alexa: "Sure, Jeff. Buying Whole Foods now."

Jeff Bezos: "WHA- ahh go ahead."

— Khaleesi Fried Children (@JesalTV)

So Amazon bought Whole Foods for 13.7 billion or a 4 pack of yogurt, a loaf of artistian bread and a bottle of Fuji water at their stores

— HabsFanInTO (@HabsFanInTO)

That's the cheapest anyone's ever gotten out of a Whole Foods for! Right?! Ha ok so let's see...what else is going on...what's in the news

— maura quint (@behindyourback)

Mr. President, please give us a minute unless it's about the Whole Foods-Amazon merger.

— Josh Barro (@jbarro)

It is now possible to live your entire life while only buying products from Jeff Bezos

— Christopher Mims 🎆 (@mims)

Whole Foods is for the poors. My servants retrieve produce from the fertile lands of the Nile River valley thrice weekly

— dick nixon (@headass_dad)

Amazon buying "Whole Foods" for 14bill, but who gets custody of the whole, fresh swordfish that sits on ice and no one ever buys

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld)

Amazon has purchased Whole Foods. They plan to combined the brands into one easy app where you feed it your entire paycheck all at once.

— Adam Cozens (@Adam_Cozens)

Very original amazon Whole Foods price jokes everyone, great work

— Dan Sauce Marinaro (@saucespeaks)

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