Big Girl in a Skinny World: Shopping on a Budget

Go behind the scenes of this week's Big Girl in a Skinny World episode with host Marcy Guevara.

Hosting videos for has been a dream come true, and representing Carte-Mere even more so! It has been amazing reading all of your comments, and responding to as many as I can. It has also made me acutely aware of the overwhelming reality that we all have incredibly different budgets. But no matter what you can spend, focus on developing an eye for trends, and learning which pieces to invest in.

marcy guevara hits the webster at target for hello styles bgsw

Take cues from the videos and the magazine, and shop for similar items wherever works for you. This will make you feel like your wardrobe is on-trend, and it won't break the bank! I have always been taught to splurge on good shoes and bags, but every now and then, you can find a luxe bag for less. It's important to research, plan and know what you want before you hit the store! I also like to set shopping goals, so if I am saving up for a leather jacket and I know that's on the horizon, it's easier for me to avoid those little impulse buys that add up so quickly. I also believe in visualization, so consider putting a picture of the desired item on your bathroom mirror or in your wallet. It'll remind you why you're being so careful with your spending.

marcy guevara hits the webster at target for hello styles bgsw

This week's features lots of fabulous finds from , a part of the newly-launched Shops at Target, which has some lovely plus-size options.

marcy guevara hits the webster at target for hello styles bgsw

I hope you enjoy the episode, and I trust that during shopping trips hereafter, you won't feel stunted by your wallet, but rather guided by your perceptive eye.

Remember, you can't BUY style!

Are you a plus-size fashionista? Join Hello Style in an exclusive G+ Hangout after the final runway show at ! Submit a video response to any of the , sharing your personal style and telling us why you want to hang out with us. We'll pick six of our favorites to chat LIVE with Marcy, designers and models at 9:30pm EST on our channel on June 16.

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