There's Now a Luxury Shopping Site Dedicated to Shoes

Welcome to, your new guilty pleasure.

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With so many luxury e-commerce giants—, , , —competing for shoppers' attention, it's difficult to distinguish one designer destination from the rest of the pack. But that's about to change for the founders of , who officially launched their new site completely dedicated to footwear, , today. Yes, all the designer shoes you could possibly want, in one curated place.

In 2006, Susanne and Christoph Botschen launched German e-commerce site, which features over 200 designer collections of clothing, shoes, and accessories. will include designer shoes from Saint Laurent, Prada, Gucci, Aeyde, and more, and is expected to take a more editorialized approach. Think: gorgeous photography, 360-degree model shots, and a range of personal styles.

Are you still breathing? Well, take a deep one because Martha Louisa is also hosting an exclusive Prada collection (see below; prices range from $820-$890), which you can be the first to shop on March 20th. Hello, spring, and goodbye to our wallets.


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