Prince Louis' Name Is a Magical Harry Potter Reference

Merlin's beard!

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This morning, Kate Middleton and Prince William FINALLY announced the name of their new baby: Louis Arthur Charles. Hooray! There's a lot of meaning behind Prince Louis' name: He shares Louis with his dad and brother and it's also the name of Prince Philip's favorite uncle. Arthur is another name he has in common with William as well as his grandfather, Prince Charles. And then Charles is also, of course, the name of his grandfather.

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But the new royal baby also shares his names with another iconic British family: The Weasleys.


As Pottermore pointed out (whilst the Deathly Hallows epilogue, which, perfect), the wee prince's names are also Weasley family names. There's Arthur Weasley, Weasley family patriarch; Charlie Weasley, second eldest son and dragon expert; and , the youngest child of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour.



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Sure, it may not have been intentional (because if they were going for an HP reference that also worked with the royal family, they should have chosen Harry ... or even !), but still, even imaging Kate and Wills as Harry Potter fans...

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