SNL Spoofs 'Wild Wild Country' and It's Perfect

Last night, Saturday Night Live took on Wild Wild Country, Netflix's documentary about Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the Rajneesh movement, and brought in an SNL alumna to help out. Nasim Pedrad returned to play Ma Anand Sheela and was magnificent.

Nasim Pedrad as Ma Anand Sheela

Kenan Thompson, meanwhile, was a guy who wanted to join the movement because, as he said, "I mean there was ass everywhere."


The entire skit was incredible, but the best part might have been when Pedrad casually dropped Ma Anand Sheela's famous line: "What can I say, 'tough titties.'"

Pedrad was on SNL from 2009 to 2014, and then left to join guest host John Mulaney's now-defunct show Mulaney. She's since appeared on The Mindy Project and New Girl, but fans were very happy to see her back on Saturday Night Live.

As soon as I saw this Wild Wild Country sketch open, I thought: you know who'd make a great Sheela? Nasim Pedrad. And then boom! She graced us with her presence again. I REALLY miss her on this show.

— JK (@whatsayJK)

Omg is parodying because they knew I was having a tough night and they wanted to give me a good laugh

— Weva Blanket (@WevaBlanket)

The bit was the the most hilarious and precise parody they’ve done in years.

— Natalie (@NatFior)
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