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Is Jennifer Lawrence's New Movie an Over-the-Top Piece of Torture Porn?

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, Red Sparrow presents sex as a grim business.

Black People Shouldn't Have to Save Black Films—So Stop Asking Them To
With the release of Black Panther, there have been numerous calls for Black people to go out and support Black films. But that won't ma…
Female Journalists Across the Country Respond to a Radio Station's "Babe Bracket" in a Powerful Way

The decades-long tradition ranks local female broadcasters by their looks.

20 Wild and Completely Iconic Vintage Porn Films

Don't worry, '2069: A Sex Odyssey' made the list.

15 Movies That Are Fully Just About Sex and Not Much Else

'Fifty Shades' is just the tip of the sex iceberg.

Black Panther's Costumes Represent the Heart of the Movie: Unapologetic Blackness

The movie takes visual blackness one step further, committing itself to a stunningly stylish aesthetic.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Great Rumor: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Were Spotted Together at a L.A. Bar

"They just seemed like two friends hanging out," one fan wrote.

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So, How Much Do the Winter Olympics Really Cost?

A breakdown of the most expensive Olympic Games throughout history.

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A Definitive Ranking of Meghan Markle's Movies

One day you're filming 'Horrible Bosses,' the next you're marrying Prince Harry.

I’m in Love With Myself: The Age of Digital Narcissism

There's a reason why you can't stop checking out your own feed.

Here's How to Watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding

A breakdown on how to stream the royal event of the year.

Gloria Allred's Life Story Is Vital Viewing—Even If She Won't Admit It speaks to the champion of women's rights about Bill Cosby's impending retrial, and making the decision to be fearless.

Did You Spot This Hidden 'Vampire Diaries' Easter Egg on 'Riverdale?'

Any real 'TVD' fan will freak out over this connection.

The 30 Most Deranged, Sexy, and WTF Moments from 'Fifty Shades Freed'

Like when Ana licked ice cream off Christian's pubic hair. (Help.)

Selena Gomez: My Anxiety Is a Battle I'm Going to Have to Face for the Rest of My Life

The star gets candid about finding peace with her mental health struggles and her "complex relationship" with Instagram.

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