domestic violence

My Ex Thought He Could Get Away with Murdering Me

Police found Teri Jendusa-Nicolai beaten within inches of her life, crumpled inside a garbage can in a freezing cold storage unit.

Amber Heard Speaks for Domestic Violence Campaign

"There was a lot of shame attached to that, the label of 'victim'."

Supreme Court Rules That Convicted Domestic...

This is a win for victims of domestic violence.

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Why You Need to Watch This Domestic Violence Survivor's Heartbreaking Plea
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Fergie Joins the Fight to End Violence Against Women
Fergie is standing up against violence against women on a global scale.
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How I Saved Myself from an Abusive Boyfriend
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Do You Need a Taser?
Tased and Confused
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Help End Domestic Violence
Help End Domestic Violence. Check out some ways to take action in your community.