This Figure Skater Just Performed to Beyoncé at the Olympics

Maé-Bérénice Méité loves Queen Bey as much as we do.

Beyonce's "Halo" provided the soundtrack for a French athlete's skating routine
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French Olympic figure skater Maé-Bérénice Méité just performed at the PyeongChang Games, and she chose the absolute best soundtrack possible—Beyoncé songs. With a routine set to a medley of "Run the World (Girls)" and "Halo," Méité quickly captured the world's attention.

This is the first time that figure skaters have been allowed to perform to music featuring lyrics at the Olympics, and Méité definitely chose well:

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French Olympian skating to Beyonce! 💝💝💝💝

— Rachel Rose Gold🌹🏅 (@RachelRoseGold1)

“Whenever you bring Beyoncé to the Olympics, it’s helpful”

— Robert Jimison (@RobertJimison)
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In an following the performance, Méité revealed that she chose Beyoncé to perform to because her music "is crazy, wild, and fun. You can just dance to it, and that's how I am." And even though some of her competitors have opted to stick with classical music, Méité said that she has no regrets about picking Beyoncé. She said, "I wanted to do something that was very me, something fun, something I would enjoy!"

Thanks to her amazing music choices, Méité has already garnered a lot of fans on the internet:


— Maé-Bérénice Méité (@MBMeite)
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Me: Does she get an automatic 10 pts for skating to Beyoncé?

Mom: She should.

— Stephanie Autry (@autry_stephanie)

Black sequin jumpsuit and skating to Beyoncé? Meite is GOALS.

— Lizzie Moore (@lizziemoore415)
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Omg someone is skating to Beyoncé. She wins.

— 🥂🍾champagne campaign 2018🥂🍾 (@ErinEParsons)

Because she had such a killer soundtrack, Méité stood out from the crowd, and proved that there really is no bad time to play a Beyoncé song. And as the Olympic figure skater , "I'm different, too, so I was like, 'Why not go for it?'" Basically, if you want to live your truth, then there really is no wrong time to play a Beyoncé song, even at the Olympics.

And Méité wasn't the only figure skater performing to pop music. South Korea's incorporated "Despacito" into their routine:

First I hear Aguanile song, then Despacito song! PR music on fire! Latin flavor on the Winter Olympics! Boom!

— Christine Abreu (@AbreuChristine6)
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