Taylor Swift's New "End Game" Video Is Here and There Is a *Lot* Going On

Ed and Taylor's friendship FTW.


It's hee-eeereee! Taylor Swift released a trailer for the "End Game" video, with appearances from both Ed Sheeran and Future on Good Morning America Thursday and the teaser was something.

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For those of you who don't keep up with Taylor Swift conspiracy theories, some say "End Game" is about Tom Hiddleston. Evidence: they both have "big reputations;" the lyric "Ooh, you and me would be a big conversation" is a clear reference to the media storm that was their relationship; and "I just wanna be drinking on a beach with you all over me" could be a reference to the iconic July 4th they spent together.

And now, after that eye-popping teaser and hours to review all of the conspiracy theories around the song, the full "End Game" video, which takes Taylor all over the world, is here.

[ align='center' autoplay='0']https://www..com/watch?v=dfnCAmr569k[/]


Taylor dancing on a boat—the internet is sure to have opinions, either way.

[giphy align='center' ratio='63']https://giphy.com/embed/l49JEGAqYzx7zoI00[/giphy]

Taylor and Ed friend-flirting, which will appease the Taylor/Ed shippers (and also anyone who just loves their platonic friendship—it works on both levels).

[giphy align='center' ratio='63']https://giphy.com/embed/3ohc16oWiKmbi9OZva[/giphy]
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[giphy align='center' ratio='63']https://giphy.com/embed/l0HU6S4BTNyJk5K7u[/giphy][giphy align='center' ratio='63']https://giphy.com/embed/3ohc0RcmO5ykCLIo7u[/giphy][giphy align='center' ratio='63']https://giphy.com/embed/3oFzmsdsCBdqqQklyg[/giphy]

Oh, and remember that rumor that Katy Perry would be in the video? False. Someone with short, blonde hair does make a brief appearance in the video, but it's definitely not Perry.

[giphy align='center' ratio='63']https://giphy.com/embed/3o751VkkerVM1NKOKk[/giphy]

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