Fans Think Khloé's Feet Were Photoshopped onto Kylie in the Kardashian Christmas Card

What. Is. Happening.

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After tons of ~will they or won't they drama~ the Kardashians ...and it turned out great! You know, minus the fact that half the family was randomly missing!

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The photo is obviously super sweet and cozy, but there's a catch: fans are convinced it's been photoshopped—and they have proof. In fact, there's a fully devoted to claiming that Khloé's feet were flipped, copied, and pasted directly onto Kylie, and the evidence is pretty compelling:


Here's a closer look at this whole foot situation:


Hmmm, like, maybe? But even if there is a photoshop fail going on here, the photo is still lovely and Santa-approved, so whatevs.

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