Watch Blue Ivy, Six-Year-Old Queen, Scold Her Grandmother, Tina Knowles


Blue Ivy Carter, six-year-old descendant of Beyoncé's throne, was caught on camera hilariously scolding her grandmother, Tina Knowles. Yesterday, Beyoncé's mom posted a video admiring the beauty and architecture of a Paris theater—you know, the usual.

But there's one person who didn't think that was appropriate. While the video is rolling a soft voice (presumably Blue Ivy's) appears in the background, "You're not supposed to take any videos, Grandma! You're not supposed to!"

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This isn't the first time Blue has set the ground rules. At the 2018 Grammy's, she told her mother and father to calm down while they were applauding a performance during the award show. Though Blue made the rules clear this time around, her grandma still decided to film the theater, which is really the only #content we need.

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