The Best (and Most Hilarious) Reactions to Cynthia Nixon's Gubernatorial Candidacy Announcement

“I couldn’t help but wonder...could Miranda fix the subway?”

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Today, former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon announced her run for New York governor. In the she made revealing , Nixon outlined key topics she plans to tackle if she wins the seat—including fixing the god-awful New York City subway system, fighting for women's rights, paving the way for equality, and closing the state's immense wealth gap.

Not only is SATC's strong-minded, tough Miranda Hobbs coming to life as she battles against two-time incumbent Andrew Cuomo, but Nixon is (hopefully) going to be the first woman to hold the position. There may be no Sex and the City 3, but this news has fans feeling elated. Here, the best reactions to Nixon's announcement.

there's no one i trust to fix the subway more than miranda hobbes, the person responsible for the best new york transportation-related simile on tv

— Hannah Giorgis (@ethiopienne)

Miranda for Governor is the ending to SATC that we so richly deserved.

— Dodes 🦄 (@racheld)

“...I couldn’t help but wonder...could Miranda fix the subway? Or was it me that needed fixing?”

— Dami Lee (@dami_lee)

"She was fed up with New York's education system and women being pushed to the periphery by a political apparatus that dismissed them as convenient votes with inconvenient opinions. And as I sat there, I wondered: was Cynthia Nixon playing Miranda or was Miranda there all along?"

— Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈 (@cmclymer)

What a delight today is for every woman who’s ever been called a “Miranda” as an insult.

— Amanda Litman (@amandalitman)

Cynthia Nixon: I’m an outspoken progressive activist and I’d be the first woman governor of NY

New Yorkers: meh we don’t need more celebrities running for office

Cynthia Nixon: I will fix the subways

New Yorkers:

— Emmy Bengtson (@EmmyA2)

i once saw cynthia nixon eating sushi on the subway and i don’t know if i can vote for someone who openly displays that kind of unethical behavior

— Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai)

Just remember, Cynthia Nixon was in two Broadway shows. AT THE SAME TIME. WHILE IN COLLEGE. She can do anything.

— Isaac Butler (@parabasis)

Cynthia Nixon is running for governor. Naturally, you may want to question what experience she really has in governing. As a gay man I can assure you that all lesbians are qualified to do literally every job. They are the most prepared humans on the planet.

— Phillip Henry (@MajorPhilebrity)

me signing up to volunteer for Cynthia Nixon’s new EGOT campaign (Election win Governor Oval office Two terms)

— nolan (@auntanxiety)

wow cynthia nixon's campaign site has crashed from traffic, something miranda would have never let happen

— Nicole Silverberg (@nsilverberg)

The #1 reason why Cynthia Nixon should be governor of NY:

— Darby VanHoutan (@DarbyVanHoutan)

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