The Internet Is Shading Kim Kardashian's New "Cheetos" Orange Concealer

"TF we supposed to do with that orange-ass setting powder?"


Imagine scarfing down an entire bag of Cheetos, and then rubbing your dust-caked fingers under your eyes. Great image, right? Welp, apparently that's the look you might get if you try one of the darkest concealer shades in Kim Kardashian's new three-step concealer kits.

The beauty mogul revealed a photo of her new campaign #ConcealBakeBrighten—meant to be an easy process that even beginners can follow—on her yesterday. "I felt like the three-step process was really strong, and it's what Mario and I have really perfected for all these years," Kim said in an interview with .

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But with only 16 concealers (a noticeably small range of shades for the zillions of skin tones in the world) KKW Beauty fans are wondering if the new launch is truly that inclusive, especially when the darkest shades in the line look Cheetos-level orange.

So after posted a first look of the KKW concealers to Instagram, the shade gate was officially opened. "Nothing inclusive about this collection, only a brand that's quick to slap a name on a product," commented one user, while another user questioned, "TF we supposed to do with that orange ass setting powder?"

The controversy quickly jumped to Twitter too.

I just saw the dark end of these KKW concealers...who told white people we want to look like fucking pumpkins?

— wiggy houston✨ (@darlingnessa_)

kkw concealers shade range is looking a bit lack lustre.... i expected more

— jasmin (@jasminapplebyig)

Kim tried to explain her shade-range thought process in the , noting, "I see everything that's out there, and then we start testing it on a bunch of different people, which includes models and everyday people. We try them on so many different skin tones, take pictures, and see what people are liking, and do so many focus groups."

Clearly, her focus groups missed the mark. The concealers don't officially launch until March 23, but maybe she'll reconsider and give the range another shot? Probably not. But hey, we can hope, right?

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