Allison Janney's "I Did It All By Myself" Oscars Speech Is Taking Twitter by Storm

A new motto for life.

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Allison Janney's much-deserved win at last night's Oscars was inspirational—especially the confidence she displayed while accepting the award.

Janney started her speech, for for her role in I, Tonya, by joking, "I did it all by myself."

As you might expect, Twitter was here for it:

"I did it all by myself." Let's make this the new "You like me, you really like me"

— alanna bennett (@AlannaBennett)

And now, Janney's amazing one-liner has become everyone's new catchphrase:

“I did it all by myself” is me presenting my group project in art school when we are graded individually.

— Kyle Krieger (@kylekrieger)

I’m getting “I did it all by myself” tattooed on my face

— Emma Allman (@slutfortrailmix)

And I am going to start off every public expression of attitude by saying, "I did it all by myself, " a la Allison Janney.

— Melanie McFarland (@McTelevision)

Allison Janney's "I did it all by myself" quote is my new life motto

— Riley Barber (@rileybar_)

Allison Janney accepting the and saying "I did it all by myself" is the best thing I have ever heard in my life and will from this point on be my life's motto

— Maddy Pappas (@Maddy_Pappas_)

“I did it all by myself” BRILLIANT 🌟and so true 😆 💛💛💛

— John Galt (@jgalt0656)

TFW when starts her speech: “I did it all by myself”

— Sally Bronston (@salbron)

My biggest takeaway from the is something I plan to quote at least once a day for the foreseeable future: “I did it all by myself” (courtesy the inimitable ).

— Liz Dawson (@LizAnnDawson)

The opening line "I did it all by myself" was so iconic that I barely heard the rest of it

— Emily Ruth (@EponineAlways)

“I did it all by myself”. Esta es la frase de la noche.

— George Harris (@ElGeorgeHarris)
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