People Think Sandra Bullock Looks Exactly Like Cher at the Oscars

The resemblance is seriously uncanny.

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When Sandra Bullock stepped out onto the Oscars red carpet tonight, the internet did a double-take: Is that Sandra or...Cher? Yes, with her stick-straight, middle-parted hair and dark smoky eyes, the actress looked exactly like Cher, circa 1975.

Sandra Bullock is doing this weird Cher-esque thing with her hair.

— Laura Tyunaitis (@LauraJean325)

At first I thought Sandra Bullock was Cher!

— Dotti Enderle/Dax Varley ✍🏻 (@dottienderle)

Sandra Bullock is slowly turning into Cher.

— Allison Wonderland 🏳️‍🌈 (@akwyeth)

Sandra Bullock is apparently slowing transforming into Cher circa 1975.

— John Trumbull (@TrumbullComic)

Is Sandra Bullock doing Cher cosplay

— déjenme (puto) (@mr_spicymayo)

Even if Bullock wasn't trying to channel her inner Cher, it's hard to ignore the similarities. And hey—there are worse people to be compared to, right?

Sandra Bullock at the 2018 Oscars.
Getty Images
Getty Images

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