6 Ridiculously Pretty Makeup Tutorials for Whatever Your Valentine’s Day Looks Like

Hot date? Netflix and chill? Solo dinner? We’ve got you covered.


Valentine's Day is upon us (though if you ask your local drugstore, it's been here for a month). And regardless of your relationship status, February 14th is the ideal excuse to deck out your face with ridiculously pretty makeup—because why the hell not?

Whether you’ve got a hot Bumble date, or you’re eating chocolate and pizza alone, some kickass eyeshadow and a bold lip can transform your evening. (Yes, even yours, staunch V-day hater.) And to prove it, we picked out six insanely pretty—and super-doable—Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials. Take notes, get inspired, grab your brushes, and drink a glass of wine on us.

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1 This mauve, monochromatic look

Sure, Valentine's Day is usually associated with bright pinks and fiery reds, but we're loving this chic (and surprisingly simple) dusty-mauve combo for an understated look. Even if mauve typically washes you out, stay with us—the monochrome palette actually makes the color pop.

2 This rose-gold smoky eye with pink lips

Infuse a classic smoky eye with a little V-Day spirit by adding a soft, rose-gold tint and a pale-pink lip. Done and done.

3 This matte-red lip with bronze shadow

It's fairly impossible to go wrong with a classic, bright-red lip, as evidenced in this simple—yet still so, so gorgeous—look that pairs it with dewy skin and bronze, shimmery shadow.

4 This gorgeous, day-to-night look

Got evening plans, but also a life that doesn't allow you to spend an hour on your makeup after work? Start your day with a neutral berry lip and a little brow definition, then transition into night with a quick swipe of gold-foil eyeshadow, a few thick coats of mascara, and a glossy red lip.

5 This ultra-gilded combo

If you're looking to go straight-up HAM with your makeup (without overshadowing your outfit, naturally), follow this metallic tutorial. It mixes a shimmery bronze eye with dewy skin and a highlight fit for an actual bar of gold.

6 These glossy lips and flushed cheeks

Not willing to commit to an over-the-top look for dumb 'ol Valentine's Day? We told you—we've got you. Instead, try this beginner-level tutorial that sets glossy, lightly contoured lips (it's easy! Really!) against a glowing, flushed complexion.

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