9 Pics That Prove Blonde Highlights Are What Your Brown Hair Needs​​

Official ruling: They look good on virtually all hair types.


We get it—the idea of brown hair with blonde highlights sounds like a bad flashback to the skunky, chunky striped hair of the early aughts, but trust us when we say the modernized version is anything but cringeworthy.

With soft, finger-painted platinum tones, honey-hued babylights, and subtle golden balayages, these brown-blonde combos are what you need in your life right now. Or maybe even yesterday. Either way, we've got your back with the nine prettiest inspo ideas, below.

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1 Scattered Golden Curls

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2 This Beachy Blonde-and-Caramel Balayage

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3 These Soft and Blended Blonde Curls

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4 A Few Subtle, Gold-Tipped Curls

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5 These Pale, Cool-Toned Highlights

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6 These Super-Subtle Blonde Babylights

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7 These Ashy, Face-Framing Blonde Highlights

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8 These Golden Finger-Painted Highlights

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9 These Platinum Ends with Honey Highlights

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