Brie Larson's Hairstylist Used a Brilliant Trick to Hide Her Flyaways

And I'm annoyed I haven't tried this one sooner.

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Spring has finally sprung—and so have the millions of tiny flyaways on the top of my head. Thanks, humidity. The only thing I despise more than seeing each individual baby hair sticking straight up is the fact that I literally can't find anything to keep them down. Until now, that is.

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Last night, Brie Larson (a.k.a Captain Marvel) attended the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War with a sleek, stick-straight lob—and somehow no flyaways. But how can this be? Does she actually have a superpower that keeps her hair looking 100 percent smooth all the time?

Nope. She just has a crazy smart (and possibly superhuman) celebrity hairstylist, Sarah Potempa. Last night, Potempa shared a photo of Larson on the red carpet, explaining exactly how she styled the actress's hair. In the caption, she wrote, "One of my favorite tips...spraying my on set styling brush with hairspray and brushing through. Then I spritz the flyaways and roll the can over to lock them down!"

Yes, a hairspray can, used like a rolling pin for flyaways. Honestly, I'm mad I didn't think of this first. It's so simple, yet, SO GENIUS. Unlike using a brush or your fingers to smooth flyaways after spritzing them, a metal can has a totally smooth, friction-free surface that won't disrupt your hairstyle.

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If you don't already own a can of hairspray, I recommend Kate Middleton's favorite, , because it'll only cost you $12, and it'll leave your hair ridiculously smooth and shiny. Need a few more staple products in your hair arsenal? Check out our editor's favorite hair products and tools, below.

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