Armie Hammer Just Posted a Pre-Oscars Pic of His Eye Patches and We Deeply Relate

Even hot boy Armie Hammer needs some under-eye love.

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After a fun visit to the doctor for a wicked stomach flu yesterday, actor Armie Hammer decided to focus on the important stuff today: the Oscars.

Though Hammer posted a photo of himself on Instagram receiving an IV of fluids just 19 hours ago with the caption, “Oscar prep has taken a strange turn...thank you for taking such good care of me,” he’s apparently rallied just in time to attend the Academy Awards tonight in Los Angeles, California.

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Hammer took to Instagram again to show some behind-the-scenes shots of his (and his wife’s) pre-awards prep, including covered in hair tools and makeup products, and, probably most importantly, an Instagram story of his face wearing under-eye patches.

“Oscar prepping,” sings Hammer in a monotone voice, looking approximately 500 percent better with no makeup, eye masks, and a stomach bug than I’ve ever looked in my natural state. Not that it’s a competition or anything. (It is. I lost.)

Though , Hammer’s hairstylist and makeup artist for the night, didn’t post pics of the exact eye patches she used, I’m still digging the fact that he’s using them at all—and I personally recommend , if you’re trying to look like Hammer in your spare time. Just try not to get the stomach flu, too, okay?

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