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Um, Selena Gomez Just Shaved Her Freaking Head

And I actually really, really like it.

The Best Twitter Reactions About the Birth of the New Royal Baby

"When you find out you've a new nephew but you've been moved down the line for the throne."

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Vanessa Hudgens Just Launched an Insanely Cool Makeup Collection

Festival-themed eyeshadows and nail polishes to wear all summer long.

Twitter Can't Deal With Sephora's New NSFW Makeup Sponges

"They are all natural, paraben-free, and uncircumcised."

The Most Iconic Movie Quotes the Year You Were Born

But you probably know every single one.

Rihanna Looks Completely Unrecognizable at Coachella

You probably wouldn't have noticed it was her.

Zayn Malik Says He Hoped to Love Gigi Hadid Forever

So that's what his new song was about.

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