Amy Mackelden

Weekend Editor

Amy Mackelden is the Weekend Editor at, where she writes about entertainment, celebrity news, beauty, and fashion. She recaps Riverdale and American Horror Story, and has also written for Carte-Mere, ELLE, Bustle, Hello Giggles, and The Independent. She’s ready for a Dawson’s Creek reboot, and keeps ordering way too much from Kylie Cosmetics.

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Meghan Markle Princess Diana
Royal Wedding prince harry meghan markle carriage
Amy Schumer's Honeymoon Was Filled With Pasta and Wine

And she has some strong feelings about carbs.

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​Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth II Are Basically BFFs Now​

"She’s just this really lovely lady who really cares about people around the world."

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Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Are Having a Bikini Battle Right Now

Let's call this game: "Who can wear the tiniest bikini on vacation?"

Kate Middleton's Baby Could Arrive Any Day and the Lindo Wing Is Ready

The maternity suite has finished preparations for baby #3.

'Black Panther' Has Smashed 'Titantic's Box Office Record

It just became the third highest-grossing movie of all time.

Kristen Bell Offers New Perspective on Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's Split

"They're both lovely people, and they're still friends, and that's okay."

Travis Scott Introduces Stormi to His Family With a $7,145 Party
Travis Scott Introduces Stormi to His Family With a $7,145 Party

He even had weather-themed flower arrangements made.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Allegedly Tried to Bribe Planned Parenthood to Stop Abortions

"If Planned Parenthood wanted to keep our federal funding, we would have to stop providing abortions."

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