Taylore Glynn

MC's Beauty & Health Assistant. Tea set enthusiast, will fight you for Camembert.

Juice Beauty's Ingredients Come From the Same Place as Your Fave Chardonnay

A visit to California wine country showcases the source of organic beauty—and the science behind it.

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Meet the Winners of Our 2018 Image Makers Awards

AKA the stars (behind the stars) of the red carpet.

I Tested the 6 Best Drugstore Mascaras, and This Is the Winner

I present to you the only mascara you'll ever need again.

I Tried the 7 Best-Rated Brow Gels and This Was the Winner

We're actually in a committed relationship now.

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Collagen 101: Your No-Bullsh*t Guide

Covering such topics as: What is it again? And: Right but...what am I supposed to do about it?

The Cleanse for the Girl Who's Always Hungry

Cold brew and no cravings? Sign me TF up.


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