Chloe Metzger

Dare I Say This 'My Little Pony' Glitter Mask Is Good—Neigh, Great!

Welcome to my Instagram #content for the next six months.

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13 Dreamy Hairstyles to Wear to Your Next Summer Wedding

Because apparently every single friend is getting married this year.

Surprise: You’re Using Your Deep Conditioner the Wrong Way

My mind is blown and my hair is now a shimmering curtain of silk.

Diamond Piercing Is a New Engagement Ring Trend That'll Make You Say "God, NO," Like I Just Did

Nothing says everlasting love like burrowing a gemstone in your skin.

The Easiest Way to Contour Your Face If You're Supremely Lazy

Cheekbones so sharp, you can throw away your knives.

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Emma Stone Said IDGAF and Wore Pants to the Oscars

My actual response to Stone's outfit: "Wait, omg."

The 18 Absolute Best Beauty Looks of the 2018 Oscars

This year's red carpet was absolute perfection.

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5 Crazy Good Dandruff Shampoos That Are Anything But Clinical

Guaranteed to make your scalp less flaky than your college roommate.

Actual Scientists Just Discovered the Reason Your Selfie Looks Terrible

Nope, there's never been a research project more representative of our time.

Nail Brows Are Here and We Are Not

Not to put too fine of a point on it.

Hi, Please Stop Using Skincare Products That "Kinda, Sorta Sting"

Every time you tell me, "It tingles, but it's fine," I die inside.

Kylie Jenner Just Birthed Another Weather-Related Product

"I worked on this pretty much throughout my entire pregnancy."

Sophie Turner Reveals Everyone's Hair Is Fake on 'Game of Thrones'

"I could not count the amount of wigs we use on that show if I wanted to."

Finally, the *Very Best* Shampoos for Oily, Greasy Hair

And not one of them will leave your hair feeling like straw.

The 4 Best Teeth Whiteners I’ve Actually Tried and Loved

Pick your laziness level, and I'll tell you what to use.

'Gym Kardashian' Is the New Viral Meme You Need to See

This is the only thing we want in life now.